Energy Readings


During an energy reading, I 
receive guidance and insights that come through spontaneously.


This reading is not about future predictions, but to gain insight or guidance that may help to either:

- confirm what you may already intuit.

- possibly provide an alternative perspective to move through a challenge 

- bring clarity or messages relating to your soul or life path

- messages from loved ones crossed over may come through

- guidance on raising your vibration and 'freeing up' energy 

I can work with your specific questions, but cannot confirm that guidance on specific questions will come through. Ultimately be open to whatever may come through. These energy readings are always positive, empowering and loving. 


45 min |  R400  |  USD 40


1) Kindly book an appointment & submit payment

2) Send a photograph of your face  as soon as we book an appointment as I use the photo to connect with your energy before our session. 

3) I connect with your energy & record everything I receive; and then relay this information over a Zoom session.  A recording or our session will be sent to you.

If you prefer to receive your reading over What's App, you may request that. However, it can be useful to connect face-to-face where we can briefly discuss & clarify the information that has come through. 

Please Note: Sometimes the messages may not resonate immediately - be open to the possibility that over time the messages may be more resonant or revealing. 


Intuitive Mediation Sessions

Book a 1 on 1 session over Zoom or Googl​e Meet. 

Our session begins with a check in - where are you at? What area of your life are you struggling with?

We then sit together in silence being present with the discomfort and any sensations that arise. I help guide you through this process. It takes courage and willingness to be present with the discomfort - and it can be helpful in having a compassionate witness and guide present. I have alchemized layers of patterns and emotional wounds through years of this kind of meditation. This is a powerful way to transmute and dissolve layers of dense emotion and trauma , and requires applying compassionate awareness & attention to the point of discomfort arising in the present moment.  

Our session concludes with a discussion around what 'came up' for you and answering any questions you may have in order for you to confidently continue this journey on your own.

"Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you've been buried, but actually you've been planted" ~ Christine Caine


 60 min |  R450  |  USD 45

Image by Joanna Kosinska

I am an accredited meditation teacher, with experience in various kinds of meditation practices.


Michelle Lee Collins

"I encountered Levern during Vipassana there was an instant draw towards her warm energetics. The messages received through Levern was absolutely mind blowing. The form in which she delivered her vision felt like a familiar story to me. My reading offered me peace and affirmed many of my own thoughts and visions allowing me to just RELAX and remind myself that all is playing out in divine timing. Also that it is safe to trust what I intuit even when it feels out of this world. I am deeply honored and grateful to have crossed paths with such a golden light." 

What others say...


Lih Lin Huang

My reading with Levern brought me to tears. I didn't give her much information, so when I listened to the words that came through, it was so powerful, elevating, reassuring and comforting. It also validated to me that her work is legitimate. I know she described my Guides accurately because one of my closest friends, who's an intuitive, gave me the exact same description of them - and I told Levern nothing about them. I love that she is efficient and professional on her work delivery, making sure you get to keep the recording of her reading, on top of that I really appreciate that she is more than happy to answer any questions that I have post-reading.


Chirleen Jansen van Rensburg

"Levern did an intuitive energy reading on me and her accuracy was amazing. Her vision quest took me deep in to a place of discovery and I could relate to everything she said. A few life situations I was struggling with popped up and her guidance through them gave so much awareness to helping me understand and navigate them. Her energy is open and gentle and I felt so relaxed and calm whilst receiving her messages. I can highly recommend her as an intuitive energy reader."



"Levern did an amazing soul and energy reading, pointing out, in a beautiful way, important areas to focus and to pay attention. The symbols and metaphors she visualizes expressed accurately many of my inner personal stories, and it was lovely to see how she followed them with open intuition. Also, the way she combines the card reading into her visions, adds lots of value to her intuitive work. I truly recommend Levern to anyone who would like to have a view or another perspective of their own personal processes.