Energies or Beings one may encounter during a Quantum Healing Session

The possibilities of what one can experience in a Beyond Quantum Healing session is really endless. Bear in mind, that no matter what you experience - you are safe! A Quantum Healing session is much like experiencing a dream, a guided meditation or having a vision quest of sorts. At any point, you can bring yourself out of your experience and you also have the ability to observe any scene as if it were a movie.

Ultimately, our intention is clear - we are connecting with your Higher Self and subconscious mind to bring about the most appropriate experience that is in your highest good. Furthermore, as we begin our session, we bring in God (Source) and your guides to protect and walk with you throughout your experience.

So... what kind of beings or energies could potentially show up in a session? Here is a brief list - but this in no means is an exhaustive list of the possibilities. Source, God or Creator - Your Higher Self - Your Inner Child - Your Ego - Conscious or Subconscious Mind - Superconscious Self or Soul - Shadow Self - Archetypes or Aspects of Self - Your Body or Body Deva - Future, Past or Parallel Self - Your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guides - Animal Guides - The Higher Self of your pet, or your deceased pets - Ascended Masters - The Divine Feminine or Masculine - Archangels - Fairies, Nature Spirits, or Elementals - ET, Cosmic or Soul Family Members - The Higher Self of anyone associated with you - Teachers or Guides of all kinds - Emotions (example: anger or grief may show up as pain or constriction) - Trauma (example: Fear can have a voice and tell you its origin) - the list goes on...

I would love to share a personal experience that stands out to me as I write this. This was my first BQH session where I was the client and experiencing a lifetime as a mystical man that had been banished from my (his) city in some Middle Easter country for my 'strange' beliefs.

I was living in the desert and spent much time gazing at the stars. Suddenly, a being appeared in my vision and my heart swelled with so much love and joy. I could feel his presence, I knew this energy! This being with his ET looking features, his beautiful dark eyes and round greenish, blue face. I can't remember other lifetimes with this being, but he is familiar to me in such a deep, loving sense that it brings up this emotional love of a long-lost friend even as I type this. I recall being overwhelmed with joy at seeing this face, feeling his energy with me, although I couldn't recall any memories with this being. My practitioner asked if we could talk to him. I remember how he shook his head and telepathically imparted to me that 'he simply wanted to pop in and say hi' and with a gently wave, off he went and left my vision. I will never forget this experience, and I have this sense that he is the same loving entity I have once encountered in a dream that left me flooded with this same feeling of love and joy and felt memory of lifetimes lived together...

One final experience I would like to share was with a client of mine. During her session, she met with her Guardian Angel and was reflecting on a past life just experienced. During this encounter she had wonderful shivers and warm energy running up and down the back of her neck. She felt so much love and healing energy moving through her. It was a lovely encounter and I felt so grateful for this being showing up. I myself could feel the energy change in the room, and my own body felt flooded with a soothing, warm energy. At the end of our session, I took a quick trip to the bathroom where I silently gave my heartfelt thanks to this angel for his presence. Immediately, I received a telepathic reply of "You're most welcome". With great excitement I asked for his name (feeling a masculine presence). He replied 'Ormus' - I am unsure how to spell it.

I returned back to my client and we began our post session discussion. I asked her if she received the name of her angel. She shook her head and asked me if I had received any name. I told her about my encounter in the bathroom. When I mentioned the name of her angel, her eyes widened with awe! I saw that name in my past life!", she exclaimed. She had been standing on a beach and was watching a ship in the distance, waiting for it to come into shore. She recalls reading the name 'Ormus' on the side of the ship - she just never mentioned it during her session. What I make of this is that our guides and angels are always signaling to us that they are near, and may sometimes implant this into our subconscious awareness by somehow manifesting their names on physical objects or showing up in the physical at just the right moment to intersect or help in challenging times in our lives.

The beings or energies that show up in our sessions, come to provide us with different perspectives, insights and guidance that can bring us clarity and understanding around certain events or situations that we may be confronted with in our lives. These messages and experiences are aligned with your focus and intention for your session.

The beings and energies may communicate with you in a number of ways:

  • Using your vocal chords and speaking through you

  • Imparting their wisdom through you so that you may feel or simply know

  • You may receive visions, images, symbols, sensations or other

  • You may see their presence or again, simply feel or intuit their presence

Another reason why certain beings show up, such as your Healing Team - is to bring healing energy. Oftentimes, clients experience manifestations of this healing energy in the form of sighs, gentle tremors, shivers, heat, cold, constant yawning, etc. These are all signs that healing energy is moving through your body. The healing may arise to release emotional or mental blocks, or to bring about healing of a physical issue, condition or ailment.

Whatever your experience - I truly believe we always get the exact medicine we need (not always what we hope for or expect). Releasing expectations is key!

If you are ready to take a deep dive into your exploring your consciousness, then click here to book a session with me. It would be an honour to be your Quantum Guide! To read more about Beyond Quantum Healing, click here. Wishing you peace beyond all understanding,


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