Akashic Library: Earth Angels - Have you met one before?

Updated: May 7

This session was online, and yet it was fascinating and I think it is a good one to illustrate - hopefully, how marvelous a session can be online! I felt as if I were right there with her - and so did she! Let's call this client, Amy. Once we land in the 'most appropriate time and place', we immediately find ourselves in the Akashic Library. Amy is very visual and describes every scene in a lot of detail. The library has a high ceiling, a long white marble table, with black swirls, extending in front of her and splitting off into two directions. Books line the walls as high has the ceiling. She can smell the old books, and hear water dripping in the background.

Amy notices that she is moving in and out of physical form, like a ghost. She says, "I look like me, but a few years into the future". She notices a man, short, with a hunched back over in the corner. He puts a book down, with a 'let's get to business' demeanor and holds out a large book for Amy to take. The book feels cold, though her energy feels very much connected to this book. She places it on the table, opens it up, and discovers the scene on the page coming to life like a movie. As Amy focuses in on the book, she finds herself traveling right into the scene where she is sitting at a podium with a giant of a man next to her. He is holding a bowl. Everything else around them appears white. This giant, is warm and gentle and Amy feels incredibly safe as he embraces her lovingly. Then, he points to the bowl. As Amy peers into the bowl, tears stream down her face. She is overwhelmed with emotion. After a few moments, she tells me that the reflection starting back at her is of utmost beauty that it takes her breath away. Is this me? Can it be? Her skin and hair are light, with piercing blue eyes and beautiful wings on either side. As she stares at this radiant, angel she receives this message: "I am this lightness". Later when we discuss with her Higher Self one of her questions, which was around her connection to the Angelic Realm, we are told the following: 'Amy is from the Angelic realm She chose to stay on Earth to help humanity. Her wings are still present energetically and helps her to travel the astral realms (which she consciously experiences from time to time). Soon she can return to the angelic realm. She has always been this way - meaning: connected to the angelic realms.'

Through the light in the bowl, we are transported inside a pyramid where Amy is a black cat witnessing a woman being levitated on a table. There are beings around this woman's dead body - some human and others, not. They are sending energy to her heart and trying to bring her back to life. The beings that are not human, seem to be teaching the humans how to use their energy in a collaborative effort. Amy, the cat is shooed off and we are transported to our next stop: Sirius.

Amy finds herself at the edge of a volcano like structure filled with water, on one of the planets in Sirius. Blue light surrounds her, and beside her is a beautiful female being with blue skin, a large forehead and a small chin. Amy senses a deep familiarity with this being - she remembers her from a previous session. This guide goes on to teach Amy a Water Alchemy modality, something like Reiki. I won't reveal the details, as this is something Amy is currently exploring and hopes to offer this unique form of healing in the future.

We end off our journey in Hawaii, where Amy is a little boy with many siblings. She finds herself gathering berries, sticks and petals for her mother's healing shop. Her mother is a shaman, a medicine women, and alchemist. She passes her knowledge to Amy, who is keen to learn. We move forward in time where Amy is now experiencing herself as a 40 something chubby man, sitting on a chair with a long line of people coming to him to receive his water infusion. He has become a well-known and respected water alchemist - interesting connection to the previous scene.

Her Higher Self reveals at the end of our session, that it is intended for Amy to reconnect with this memory of working with water for healing - and bring her gifts, wisdom and alchemy back to life.

This may simply be an interesting read at the very least. It is quite different being the one that is immersed in this exploration, having the experience so real and vivid, with intense emotions coursing through the body. It was so beautiful to witness this gentle, shy woman see her true nature and radiance and how deeply it moved her. What is more, I felt like I was seeing everything unfold as it was happening for her.

I have had connections with angels, including Earth Angels - and have no doubt that angels exist. What about you? I would ABSOLUTELY love and welcome any comments about your own angelic experiences.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Levern

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