A Life in Another time, on Another Planet

Updated: May 7

I will never forget my very first session where my client describes a life as some otherworldly creature on another, strange planet. She came to me desperately wanting answers around a very difficult relationship with her mother with whom she was living. I love sharing these session stories, as they are educational and mind-expansive, however, due to privacy reasons all names and identifying details are changed. In light of this, let's call my client Maia.

Here is how the session transpires once I complete the induction and ask Maia to share her very first impressions:

At first, Maia reports that all she can see is colour - red, mixed with indigo, then transforming into a pulsating green light. She feels sorrow. My intuitive hit let's me know that this is a barrier and we needn't rest here. I ask if she is able to move through this light and with ease she does... into a scene where she is atop a mountain, with a bright sun, and a barren, rocky landscape. I guide her to scan her body and eventually we discover that she is a male giant with big, ugly feet and long brown toenails. Deep sadness creeps up again. She is alone and wants to die. After exploring the scene and taking in what we can, I decide it would be a good idea to rewind time to find out what brought her here in the first place.

Maia finds herself in a cave. Tears flow as she discovers that her child is laying dead nearby. I ask Maia to access the memory of how her child was killed and she quickly answers that her wife accidentally killed the child out of a jealous rage. The wife of Maia as this male being, was jealous of the close relationship between father and son. After the accident, the wife ran away and the father, Maia, was left in utter despair. This was the event that led Maia, the father, to the top of the mountain, where he wished himself to die.

At this point during our session, I am deeply intrigued that I seem able to journey with Maia, and in a sense it feels as if I am right there with her! I have already concluded that we are likely on another planet where giants roam, but I want us to learn more. I look around the scene and notice that the sky is very different here. I ask Maia to look up and describe what she sees. As she does she notices the sky is a strange red colour and huge black bird-like creatures are flying above . "They are dangerous creatures", she says. A few more questions and I learn that she is the strongest here on this planet. She confirms we are not on earth. The land is always hot, barren, and very ugly. There are bones lying around the cave, large bones of creatures that her kind eat. I ask if she gets any impression of what her name is. I notice Maia frowning and she starts receiving the impression. She tries to sound it out with difficulty and eventually replies, "It's something like 'Huk huk', but I am having difficulty pronouncing it clearly". She can't get any name of the planet. We move ahead to the death scene where Maia sees herself falling into a hole and dies. Her face softens as she describes herself experiencing a wave of peace and joy as she unites again with her child. I ask her to reflect on the life just lived and see if any impressions arise. Maia tells me how her purpose and lesson in this life was around physical versus emotional strength, and about turning weakness into strength. Though she was a giant...strongest of all, she felt weak and unable to protect her child. She understands that her power lies in being emotionally strong and able to assert herself and those she loves.

Later in the session we connect with her main Spirit Guide. Through a beautiful conversation with her guide, we learn that the wife in this previous life, is in fact her mother in this life. Maia learns that this current lifetime will be her mother's last life on earth. There karmic journey is complete and she is relieved to learn that they will not have to experience another lifetime together. Maia also receives beautiful guidance on how to create an emotional distance and protect her energy around her mother.

Interesting to me, was that a few days later Maia informs me that her mother was saying how she wished to go to the top of a mountain and just die right there...her mother had never spoken like that before, and Maia had not shared anything of her session with her mother. Simply by Maia re-connecting with that life, it seemed to trigger a memory surfacing in her mother. It doesn't arise as a memory in her mother, but rather the memory is expressing itself as strong emotional feeling.

To me, these kinds of experiences and stories are surly confirming to us that we are all indeed energetically connected and that these memories and past experiences weave in and out of our consciousness like threads of time. When one accesses a thread, it may trigger something in another who shared the same experience.

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