Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be hypnotized? What if I can't visualize?

Everyone can be hypnotized! If you can fall asleep, then you can be hypnotized. Most of us experience a trance state throughout parts of our day. You’re most likely in a light trance (Alpha Brainwave) state when you’re washing dishes, driving the car or watching television. A deeper Theta state occurs at least twice a day–right before you fall asleep and right after you wake up -this is where the magic happens! Theta states can also be accessed when daydreaming deeply or through meditation. This is why meditation and imagination or very beneficial! 


Regarding visualization, it may be helpful to practice visualization techniques. Please visit the preparation section, which has links to visualization exercises. However, you don't need to 'see' images in a hypnosis session. We receive information in many different ways. You may get a sense, a knowing, a feeling and this is completely valid. In fact, during my psychic readings, much of the information I receive is feeling, sensing and just knowing! Some people have an  entire session simply being in their body and feeling the energy, sensing information without ever seeing much. This is completely fine, and does not take away from the healing and experience in any way. Here is a very informative article below. 


I Had a QHHT® Session But Could Not be Hypnotized

Is hypnosis safe?


Absolutely! Hypnosis is  100% safe - there is nothing to fear! A BQH hypnosis session is very similar to a guided meditation – albeit one that is much more powerful. The best way to describe the hypnotic state is like a deep trance, also known as the alpha, deep-alpha or theta state. This is the feeling you experience when your body and mind are fully relaxed, but you remain in complete awareness of what is happening around you. Even though you are in a trance state, you are still very much an active part of the process and at no point do you lose, or are you asked to give up your free will. You can decide at any point to come out of hypnosis by simply opening your eyes - you retain full control. 

Please know that any traumatic experience you observe will be just that – an observation. You will not be re-experiencing the event as it happened, although you may have an emotional response, depending on the event in question.

Are online sessions safe?

Online sessions are perfectly safe. We will address any concerns about losing connection during our appointment and what to do the in the event the internet connection drops. 

Will I regress into a past life?

During a hypnosis session, your Higher Self will guide you to the most relevant time aligned with your intention and questions for your session, and relevant to your current life. It is up to your Higher Self whether it will present a past life, future or parallel life, non-physical life or visit scenes from your current life. Anything is possible - you just need to remain open and trust the process. The practitioner serves as a guide keeping the session on 'track'  and has no influence on what the Higher Self may reveal or not.

What is hypnosis like?


Many people seem to have the notion that they will fall into a deep state of hypnosis, known as somnambulism, where they recall little to nothing of their session. In truth, most people retain complete consciousness and can recall everything post-hypnosis. You will likely experience a light alpha state, or a deeper theta brainwave state. You do not have to be in a somnambulistic state to receive the full benefits of a session - in fact it is rare!

Hypnosis feels like a long involved daydream, and is much like a guided meditation, except you have the support  of a facilitator to keep you on track and feeling safe to navigate your consciousness at a deeper level.

Am I Making it Up?


Imagination is the gateway to communicating with the spirit world and with our Higher Self. The conscious mind can be quite resistant to the hypnosis process. The best way to deal with the noisy, interfering conscious mind is to intend to just flow with whatever comes up, knowing that you can get the opinions of the conscious mind afterwards. If you can allow yourself to surrender and just keep sharing the first thing that comes up - you may be pleasantly surprised at the end of your session. Ultimately, it is up to what you make of your session and your experience.

Here is a wonderful article written by Candace Craw Goldman about the topic 'Am I making it up?'

How will my Higher Self Communicate? 


Typically, it comes through verbally by utilizing your vocal chords - but not always. Your higher self will manifest itself in the way that is most appropriate for you. It may even make itself known non-verbally, or it may not make any obvious appearance during the session. Your Higher Self may in fact provide information later during dream states or even the waking state. One thing is for sure- your Higher Self is always present and wants to help.

As your guide, I will be acting on your behalf to address all of your questions. Obtaining this information and having the whole dialogue recorded is a crucial part of your healing, and provides you with greater clarity and understanding in many different areas of your life. Your Higher Self will only share information that is appropriate and beneficial for you at this this time in your life.

Your Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical problems within your body and its origin. The Higher Self is then asked if it's appropriate for healing to occur. If it is, healing can be instantaneous or manifest as incremental shifts over a period of time. This depends on your belief system and what you are willing to allow or let go of. For healing to occur, often simply understanding why a disease presented itself or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed by the Higher Self. Healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it doesn't interfere with the goals set out to be achieved in their lifetime.

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