“We have all the answers. We just need to allow ourselves the right questions.”    ~ Dolores Cannon
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What is Beyond Quantum Healing?

BQH is based upon classic "past life regression" hypnosis models but with a few distinctive differences. Candace Craw-Goldman is the founder of Beyond Quantum Healing, which expands the healing realms and what is possible, allowing practitioner and client to overcome any limitations posed by traditional hypnosis and healing modalities. BQH encourages creativity and flexibility, allowing practitioners to combine their skills and intuition to create unique sessions for each client. With our advanced technology, this  modality supports the use of online sessions, making it easy and accessible to all. 

Beyond Quantum Healing is a consciousness exploration. These sessions are not directed toward past lives, but allows for the Subconscious to direct you to the most appropriate experience for you. It is possible to experience past lives, future lives, parallel lives, other dimensions, or non-physical experiences - these are all possible. Some may only visit childhood memories, or have a profound emotional and energetic experience. I truly believe that each client receives exactly what is needed, and the most profound shifts & healing can take place - and do! in even the most 'ordinary' sessions. BQH is "Quantum" which can mean "multidimensional," so healing may occur on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Candace Craw-Goldman was trained by Dolores Cannon herself, and achieved QHHT® “Level 3” Status. After years of service as a QHHT practitioner, Candace eventually founded BQH® creating a whole new healing modality for the 21st century.

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“Quantum Healing is Consciousness Exploration- so really – almost anything you might wish to heal, know more about or experience can be addressed in a session." - Candace Craw-Goldman

What are reasons to have a BQH Session?

There are many reasons and benefits in having a BQH session. Within these sessions, we are able to get direct information from your Higher Self in order to gain clarity around any subconscious blocks that may be holding you back.  and receive guidance on how to proceed in the most beneficial way.  Some other common reasons to have a BQH session are for guidance and clarity on any of the following:

  • Health and emotional concerns

  • Life mission and soul purpose questions

  • Career and life changes

  • Relationship concerns

  • Higher Self + spirit guide connection and guidance

  • Soul origin information

  • Dream work investigation (i.e. reoccurring dream questions)

  • Cosmic origins (starseed origins) and E.T. encounter questions

  • Other esoteric or life mystery questions

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Structure of Sessions
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How it Works 

Your practitioner guides you into a deep state of relaxation where your brainwaves slow down to a Theta brainwave state (the same right before sleeping and just after waking), using a script with guided imagery and verbal prompts- much like a guided meditation. From this space, you are expanded and access a heightened level of awareness, connected to your Subconscious and Higher Self.


Your Subconscious holds all of the information about you: your past, traumas, belief systems, patterns, etc. that are unconsciously impacting your behavior, emotions, actions and attitude. Your Higher Self, is all of your spiritual energy with infinite wisdom and answers to all your questions, as well having the capacity to bring about healing at a quantum energetic  level.

Structure of Session



This is your time to share a bit of your background & answer some questions that may be useful for me to best facilitate you as your guide. We will discuss your list of questions & see if any adjustments or additions are necessary. We set an intention together with Water Alchemy & do some visualization practices.



At this point you get comfortable, & we begin the hypnosis session where you follow my voice and relax into a state of hypnosis. We will also connect directly with your Higher Self where we go through your questions and receive the guidance and messages directly from the Source of you. For more info, refer to FAQ's.


Post discussion:

Our session concludes with a discussion around what you experienced during your session and I answer any questions you may have. I ensure that you leave feeling fully grounded after your session.

Online vs In-Person Sessions


Online sessions are perfectly safe and as effective as in person sessions. Wonderful sessions with amazing results happen all the time with online sessions. 


With our current technology we are well equipped to facilitate sessions around the world despite physical distance or travel restrictions.  You can, therefore, choose to have the session in the comfort of your own home, making both in-person and online sessions possible!

All you need is access to a laptop (smartphone/tablet), good internet connection, and a headset /earphones. Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded - recording will be sent to you. You will need to ensure that you have a calm space and will not be disturbed for the duration of your session.

Some people do, however, prefer the connection of meeting face to face. If you prefer an in-person session, I am available in Somerset West for sessions.  I also travel for one on one sessions if necessary depending on the distance. * Travel Rates Apply.

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