Access Bars?

Access Bars ™ is a gentle, hands-on touch therapy directed at 16 bars of energy that run through and around your head. These bars of energy connect at specific 'bar points' that correlate to different areas and aspects of your life.


During a session, the practitioner will gently touch these points to release the electromagnetic charge of various thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and decisions that you've ever made. This assists in the release of blocks and limiting beliefs, creating an expanded state of awareness in order to create change in our lives. Having your bars run is a deeply relaxing experience, and leaves you feel more connected to yourself and your body afterwards.​

This modality was introduced by Gary Douglas in the early 1990's. Today this modality is practiced in over 170 countries. ​


  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and tension

  • More energy, creativity, motivation and mental clarity

  • Deep relaxation and calmer emotions

  • An increased sense of peace, well-being and joy

  • Come back to the Body & deepen Body Awareness

  • Suitable for children and adults



40 minute session | R380 

1 Hour session |  R500

These sessions can be held at my place of residence or in the comfort of your home (*travel rates apply). 


"All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory"

- Access Consciousness Mantra

What others say...

Access Bars sessions are wonderful to begin with, but when you find a practitioner like Levern, the treatment raises an octave. Levern is able to rest in silence and be so spacious and present that it’s effortless to expand into my true Being and real nature. Time, space and illusions drop away. I have come to her when I felt totally broken, anxious and in utter despair. Needless to say after a few sessions, I’m back, living my best life, connected to wonder. Life is full of ups and downs. If I’m down access bars lifts my spirits. If I’m up, I get my bars run anyway, because the better it gets the better it gets.

                                     ~Janine Hayward