Each of us has an Inner Healer and Wisdom Keeper,  and together we can connect with this aspect of you.  Journey with me as we connect with  that part of your being and discover your ability to Self Heal through a spiritually and metaphysically based hypnosis session - BQH. It would be an honour to be your Quantum Guide!  


a little background... 

I am a born teacher, mystic, healer and space creatress at heart. I started out with a business degree and a brief ‘hello and goodbye’ with the corporate world. At 22 years old, I travelled to South Korea to discover a passion for teaching, and followed that passion for a number of years. Teaching taught me a great deal of patience, and reactivated my imagination & play - which is a very important element in my healing work.

Over the years I have danced with grief, death/loss, fear, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue and allergies - and have benefited from a wide range of spiritual teachings & alternative approaches to healing.

​In 2018, I experienced the beginning of my ‘great awakening', and while we may have many waves of awakening, this was a period in my life where I felt activated onto a higher path.  In 2019 I spent a year in much solitude and experienced profound healing and shifts in applying daily meditation. The way I meditate, is to remain embodied while being fully present with internal discomfort. Allowing myself to be curious and open to all sensations as they pass through me. Years of deep layers and patterns were dissolved. My internal suffering gradually dissipated, and I began to re-connect with my True Self and a sense of growing inner peace.

During this year, my vibration shifted and in turn I received activations in my psychic abilities and unlocked my gift of Light Language, which soothed me, raised my frequency and asked me to dance with courage at a new level. A new version of me started to emerge, slowly and steadily - a more joyful, light version with a greater zest for life. This new version led to me to leave behind my old life in exchange for a somewhat off-grid life of freedom, play and nature, with my green-fingered soul mate and Phoenix my cat.  

I have a lifelong interest and pursuit of spiritual practices, tools and teachings for my own expansion, healing and growth. I weave my knowledge, wisdom and skills through my sessions as appropriate, allowing myself to be guided by intuition and by each client. 

In my presence, you can expect to feel seen, heard, and accepted completely. I have cultivated the ability to listen with my whole being, and observe from a space of higher perspective without judgment. It is my Highest Purpose and Joy to create a sacred, safe space where you can explore your consciousness, relax, and heal. 

That's me in a nutshell. ​

"I am here to hold a sacred space through which you can safely experience your own light, healing energy, power, and wisdom."



~  Certified BQH Practitioner - Candace Craw Goldman 

~ Certified Access Bars Practitioner - Access Consciousness

~  Accredited Meditation Teacher Diploma - Dr. Karen E. Wells

~ Post Graduate Early Childhood Education, Unisa

~ Bcom - Stellebosch University

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