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A Consciousness Exploration for SpirItual Growth & Healing

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Levern Franck 

I am a certified Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner & I facilitate 1:1 online and in-person sessions to help those who seek to connect with their Higher Selves for guidance and clarity. These sessions promote expansion, activations and transformation for your spiritual path. 

I believe in the human capacity to self-heal and that we all have access to the infinite realms of wisdom within. 


I am committed to:

~ Create a safe, sacred space of utmost compassion, sensitivity and total acceptance. 

~ Listen with my whole being, and be deeply present as your compassionate witness and guide.


~ Honor your unique nature - no one is the same and neither is our path to healing. 


While I cannot guarantee healing, I promise to bring all of my knowledge, tools, sensitivity, compassion and intuitive abilities to each session as appropriate. 

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Find Clarity, Purpose, Expansion & Relief

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions

Beyond Quantum Healing is an advanced heart-based healing modality using hypnosis to guide you into deep relaxation where we access the subconscious and higher wisdom residing within you. From this deeply relaxed state, questions to any concerns or issues can be addressed. During a Beyond Quantum Healing session, powerful quantum energetics are at play where profound healing and shifts can be made on the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level.


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Levern is truly one of the kindest, most compassionate and welcoming souls you could meet. From the moment I saw her for our BQH session, I felt safe and comfortable. She is patient, insightful and versatile in her approach. You're in good hands, should you choose to work with her as there is a certain integrity, honesty and high level of values which can be felt in her service. Our session allowed me to connect with my inner knowing as I gained certain understandings which have served my soul's empowerment. My energy felt rejuvenated after our session and I was able to heal certain aspects of my life/way of perceiving life which has positively impacted how I relate to others. For this I am grateful. Thank you Levern, for your kindness and generosity and will to serve!

~Tess E.


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